Friday, July 29, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Reagan & I spend a great deal of time together.  Right now, everything I do is the most interesting thing in the world to her, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can & introducing her to all the things I love.

I love Target.  Reagan likes looking around for a bit . . .

But we've got to work on her stamina:

Getting in bed with my MacBook:

And while she's unfortunately too young to drink coffee, we're working on getting her off the bottle by introducing the precursor to a coffee cup, a sippy cup:

As the release of Breaking Dawn nears, we're spending time discussing what it means to be "Team Edward."

Discussions include, but are not limited to, why reading a book is always better than watching the movie.  Those who have read the Twilight series know that "Team Jacob" was doomed to fail from the beginning, and Taylor Lautner removing his shirt in no way changes that.  Don't be distracted by a nice set of abs: read! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Fish Fry

After Jessica & I raved about the fish Uncle Bryan fried us while our parents were cruising in Alaska, my mother hinted that she wouldn't mind him making another batch.  Bryan having been sufficiently persuaded to cook for us, my parents, Trey, Reagan, & I headed north toward Bastrop Saturday afternoon to join Bryan the cook, Donna, Jennifer, Marykate, Zach, & my Papaw for dinner.

Reagan enjoyed the drive . . .

And a book with Papaw before . . . 

Taking her first 'swim'!

She mainly sat in my lap & kicked while gnawing on her fingers, but she seemed to enjoy herself.

Sitting with her daddy during dinner (still gnawing):

Marykate provided some after dinner entertainment by singing a rousing medley of songs:

The show was brought to a halt when she spilled her drink & had to investigate the damage:

I think this would be termed a pile-on.  There were no injuries:

A good evening all around.  Reagan got her first taste of the aquatic life outside our bathtub, Marykate 'used her words' in productive & entertaining ways,  & we all got our fill of fried fish.  


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Trips

Reagan & I have been breaking up the monotony of summer with some day trips.

Last Friday, Reagan & I joined my mom & Jessica for a whirlwind trip to Shreveport to make some headway on the wedding planning.  Thursday night I was informed we'd be leaving at 9AM because we had 4 appointments to make to take care of flowers, do a sound check at the venue, decide on bridesmaid's dresses, & meet with a cake decorator.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seven Months: Some Snapshots

Reagan is 7 months old today.  Hard to believe she's on the downhill slide toward one year.  

A synopsis of her day . . . 

Morning playtime sans clothing:

Enjoying the ride in Target:

Dinner at Newk's:

And finally, church:

(these last few w/Trey are a bit blurry . . . just too much activity for my iphone to handle):


Monday, July 11, 2011

Reagan Doesn't Eat Peas

Since she was introduced to food, Reagan has eagerly eaten everything offered to her except green peas.  Watching her ponder the peas for a moment before gagging & allowing them to dribble out of her mouth & down her chin seems quite the appropriate image for today's headline.  I've even tried mixing them in with other foods, but she always seems to know they're hidden in there amongst the delicious fruit she so loves.  She's a smart girl.

Reagan has probably observed her daddy, who eats nothing that is green (unless it's candy coated), & figures if he won't eat his peas, she won't be gagging hers down either.

What interesting visuals from Mr. Obama: forcing vegetables & ripping off band aids, both things associated with children who don't know what's best for them.  If he considers his audience to be the electorate who put him in office, I suppose his examples are appropriate.

You eat your peas, Mr. Obama.  The pea growers of America are asking that you give peas a chance.

A culinary tip: perhaps they'd taste better if you stuffed them with your proposed tax increases.        


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mrs. Zeigler

In September of 1997, I was 16 & a senior in high school.  One Friday, I checked out of school to attend a funeral for a Mrs. Zeigler.  Our football team was playing the Farmerville farmers that night, so I had to change out of my overalls & into a dress & clean my face of the freckles I'd drawn on with eyeliner (yes, us OCS snobs always dressed as farmers on the day we played Farmerville).  Trey was 18 & a freshman in college; I remember giving him a hug that day & wishing I had some clue as to what to say to him.

I didn't spend a great deal of time with Trey's paternal grandmother.  The two things I've always heard about her was that Trey (her first grandchild) was her favorite, & that she was anal retentive, so I know there are at least two things we held in common.  The one time I visited their home with Trey, I was astounded by the shrine to Trey on their walls - 8x10 after 8x10 of Trey at every age.

Now a few years past 16 & a Mrs. Zeigler myself, today I dressed Reagan in a pretty blue dress that brings out her eyes & took her to her first funeral, a service held in Jonesboro for a Mrs. Zeigler.  Statistics tell us most men don't live to bury one wife, much less two.  Faithful spouses are increasingly a rarity; I'm so thankful for the examples of "until death do us part" Trey & I have.

As part of the Mrs. Donald Henry Zeigler club, I strive to live worthy of the other wonderful women who wisely chose to become Mrs. Zeigler.  We're quite an elite group.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Reagan's first Independence Day was busy, but wonderful.  We tried to get her in the spirit Sunday with this outfit:

We thought it would be a good idea to sit her on this table in front of a vase of red irises (you know, red, white, & blue), but I couldn't get a good shot.  Many thanks to my mom, whose arm is featured in each shot, for her efforts:

Family shot:

Jessica found this onesie that I was eager to put on Reagan this morning.  
Believe it or not, this is the best shot of her in it:

Today was just not a great photo day all around:

"Come on Reagan look at the camera!"

"What if we all sit on the couch? . . . "

"Ok look over here . . . ready 1,2,3 . . .  no now this camera."

But, the food was good.

Cream cheese icing. . . 

For the cupcakes:

Reagan ate dinner with about 20 of her Grandmama Zeigler's relatives . . . & by far the two most entertaining & energetic were Reagan's cousins Joy & Natalie:

Reagan was ready to go home, 
having far surpassed her relative quota for one day:

The British, who just don't hold grudges, honored Ronald Reagan on July 4 by unveiling a statue of him that will stand outside the American Embassy:

This article discusses the unveiling and the unfortunate absence of Margaret Thatcher.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said that "A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue."  These two would be sickened by the lip service many of our current leaders pay to liberty & the absolute lack of virtue that permeates almost every facet of this nation.        

When he died, aside from the images of Nancy, this one got me:

Thatcher said that "Europe was created by history.  America was created by philosophy."  The philosophical underpinnings that bind this nation will not survive without virtuous leaders who can articulate and defend them; they are never, as Reagan said, "more than one generation away from extinction."  No one takes you too seriously if you lack virtue, no matter how many times we're told that a politicians' ability to lead has nothing to do with his personal life.  We are in sore need of virtuous leaders who lead by example, both publicly & privately, & who understand that public service is a privilege, rather than a way to secure a great pension & get an Obamacare waiver.  We should be far more interested in why our leaders cannot agree on a sensible budget than what they're posting on their twitter account. 

In the interim, pray for this nation.  Like every good blessing, it should not be taken for granted.  Sit your children down & sing patriotic songs to them or with them.  They don't know why this nation is special unless they are told; they aren't born understanding the philosophy Ms. Thatcher referenced & why it is superior to others that are piled, as Reagan said, on the "ash heap of history."  Boys become men, and men will not willingly fight & die for a nation they don't consider worthy of their sacrifice.  Tonight, my Reagan & I watched some fireworks on TV while Martina McBride sang the National Anthem, & I sang God Bless America to her while she was falling asleep.      

When I am fortunate enough to attend a football game in Tiger Stadium, one of my favorite moments is when the Star Spangled Banner is played by the Golden Band from Tigerland.  Everyone stands, the men remove their caps & place them over their hearts, the noise ceases, and 96,000 people sing in unison.  I hope to experience it with Reagan one day; it is the quintessential moment for someone who thinks college football is one of the great things about America.  This links to a video someone took of the National Anthem in Tiger Stadium . . . a warning to the non-tiger fans: it is preceded by LSU's Alma Mater.  

Geaux Tigers.  God Bless America.