Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Fish Fry

After Jessica & I raved about the fish Uncle Bryan fried us while our parents were cruising in Alaska, my mother hinted that she wouldn't mind him making another batch.  Bryan having been sufficiently persuaded to cook for us, my parents, Trey, Reagan, & I headed north toward Bastrop Saturday afternoon to join Bryan the cook, Donna, Jennifer, Marykate, Zach, & my Papaw for dinner.

Reagan enjoyed the drive . . .

And a book with Papaw before . . . 

Taking her first 'swim'!

She mainly sat in my lap & kicked while gnawing on her fingers, but she seemed to enjoy herself.

Sitting with her daddy during dinner (still gnawing):

Marykate provided some after dinner entertainment by singing a rousing medley of songs:

The show was brought to a halt when she spilled her drink & had to investigate the damage:

I think this would be termed a pile-on.  There were no injuries:

A good evening all around.  Reagan got her first taste of the aquatic life outside our bathtub, Marykate 'used her words' in productive & entertaining ways,  & we all got our fill of fried fish.  


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