Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Defying Gravity

Things are happening fast.  Or, perhaps I am simply moving slowly, but I find myself with a photo logjam I must rectify.

A few Saturdays ago, our church had a Fall Festival at Kiroli Park.  Though it was past Halloween, the kids wore their costumes & enjoyed the merriment while I & many other adults checked our phones for updates on the Alabama/A&M score.  While Alabama's one loss may not keep them out of the title game, it's always fantastic to watch them lose, & it somewhat improved what had been an otherwise dismal week, for me personally & for all Americans who value hard work & personal responsibility.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Final Countdown

Last year around this time I purged myself of my need to defend Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, laying it all out in a blog post.  To be clear, I find the content of her books praiseworthy, not the overly cheesy movies that omit significant portions of Meyer's original text.  Nonetheless, it is what she wrote that sells the movie tickets (well, her writing + Robert Pattinson).  I still stand by that defense, & I'm too tired & pregnant to say much more. If you doubt my lack of stamina, consider that at midnight tonight, as thousands of women stand in lines, hustle into theaters, & sit down to munch on popcorn as they wait, for the fifth & final time, for Edward Cullen to grace the screen, I will be tucked in bed asleep.  I am not planning to see the final Twilight film until Sunday evening, believe it or not, when I'll join a group of friends, one of whom is driving from Colorado.  Okay, she's coming home for Thanksgiving, but still, I'm delaying watching the movie until she's here.  That is friendship.