Dear Miss Moreau Extras

I've decided to create a static page where I can link to the Dear Miss Moreau extras I plan to post. I'll post them as soon as I get them in decent shape. This way you can easily find them all in one place when you're ready to read. 

What I plan to share is not a sequel. Some of the new stuff I'll post was initially written when I wrote the book. I just kept writing. I was always about 99% sure I wanted to end the book at the Denver airport, but just to be sure I wrote past that point for a few thousand words. I wrote Edie in Louisiana. She's back in her parents' home preparing for Christmas and missing Dr. Foster (spoiler: he'll soon join her). It felt like too much of a leap to end the novel in Louisiana when the entire novel takes place in Boulder. I wanted to end it exactly as I did, but I also wanted to write Christmas . . . and so I have. 

If you're reading this then I assume you've read Dear Miss Moreau, so thank you (if you're reading this but you've not read Dear Miss Moreau, I suggest you do that first as all this will not make much sense and will be a bit spoilerish). 

This is a just a warm Merry Christmas to all who've read and said wonderfully encouraging things to me this past year since publication, a little lagniappe, if you will. 

Live links (this list will grow as more is posted): 


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