Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So it begins!

I begin my blog with the regret that I didn’t start blogging this past summer while I was pregnant and sitting inside in the air conditioning much of the time. Now that I’m taking care of a three month old I realize how much free time I had then. For example, I saw Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight Saga, five times in the theater. Admittedly I was lured again and again by the air conditioned theater and the icee I sat and slurped during the film as much as by Robert Pattinson, but nonetheless I found the time to indulge in the drama of Forks as often as I wished. FYI: this is likely not the last mention of the Twilight Saga on this blog.

Since the birth of my daughter, Reagan, in December of last year I’ve attempted to write journal entries for her to later read, and I will continue to write a few private thoughts for her from time to time, but I believe this is a better option as I will update more frequently, can include pictures, and I imagine when my children are grown longhand journal entries will be a thing of the ancient past. At the end of each year, I plan to select certain blog entries and have them printed (pictures & all!) and bound, an option I’ve recently become aware of that inspired me to start a blog. I plan to backtrack a little and recount for Reagan some of the happenings while she was in utero (aside from repeated Eclipse viewings).

Yesterday my paternal grandfather, affectionately known as Dadoo to his six grandchildren, would have turned eighty-four, and it is from him that I inherited my love of writing, reading, and all things linguistic. My only grandparent to graduate college, he held an English degree from Vanderbilt and had a booming voice that he used to recite poems and correct people. The last time I saw him, I read, at his request, the William Cullen Bryant poem “Thanatopsis” to him. I hope Reagan loves to read and write, and I hope she’s as anal about correctly using the English language as her mama. More later on what Reagan and I are currently reading.

Reagan is of course sleeping in her swing currently, which is why I’m free to write.  Reagan’s Grandmama Zeigler found her an electric swing, for which her daddy and I are so thankful.  Some nights it is the only way any of us get any sleep.

More later!