Friday, July 29, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Reagan & I spend a great deal of time together.  Right now, everything I do is the most interesting thing in the world to her, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can & introducing her to all the things I love.

I love Target.  Reagan likes looking around for a bit . . .

But we've got to work on her stamina:

Getting in bed with my MacBook:

And while she's unfortunately too young to drink coffee, we're working on getting her off the bottle by introducing the precursor to a coffee cup, a sippy cup:

As the release of Breaking Dawn nears, we're spending time discussing what it means to be "Team Edward."

Discussions include, but are not limited to, why reading a book is always better than watching the movie.  Those who have read the Twilight series know that "Team Jacob" was doomed to fail from the beginning, and Taylor Lautner removing his shirt in no way changes that.  Don't be distracted by a nice set of abs: read! 

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