Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reagan's Reading List

Currently there are three books in Reagan's regular rotation.  For Christmas, my mom got Reagan & I a copy of Mercer Mayer's Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo.  My parents read me this as a child.  Professor Wormbog collects 'beasties' & has every beast from A to Y.  In an effort to complete his collection, he goes in search of the elusive zipperump-a-zoo.  The plot is a bit complicated for Reagan right now, but she adores the illustrations.  

This next one was also read to me as a child.  Titled The House in the Hole in the Side of the Tree, my parents & I have always referred to it as "Squire Squirrel" since he is the main character.  A grumpy old squirrel, he yells at his neighbors when they make the slightest noise or ask to borrow his tools.  Little does he know, they are building him a new house in the hole in the side of the tree since his is falling apart due to his yelling & slamming of doors.  The moral of the story is, of course, that Squire Squirrel makes more noise than his neighbors when he yells at them & his own home is falling apart around him due to his tantrums.  I think my parents thought I'd pick up on this, but mainly I remember loving the large, colorful animals in the pictures & I was especially fond of the brightly colored new home Squire's friends built him (pictured on the front cover).  I don't think it quelled my tantrums.

At night, I attempt to get through one reading of Goodnight Moon.  We don't always make it to the end before Reagan begins fretting once she realizes I'm about to try & get her to sleep.  She just doesn't have time to read a book when she's gearing up to fight me over going to sleep.



  1. You should add in some Babysitters Club. :D Just kidding!

  2. Anna - I love your blog and reading about the baby. You are so clever and funny. (Brittney always talked about how funny you were at Harding)
    Thanks for sharing!