Saturday, April 9, 2011

She drifted off in her seat!

Last night Trey, Reagan, & I ate dinner with both sets of grandparents (formerly known as our parents).  All afternoon I tried desperately to get Reagan to take a short nap so we might all have a more pleasant dining experience.  She never closed her eyes once, so finally about 5:30 I gave up & changed her into the outfit I wanted her to wear (so she could go ahead & spit up, since she'd been holding out until I changed her into nicer clothes).  She was alert & happy on the way to the restaurant, but I figured it was just the calm before the storm.  Trey placed her, still buckled into her seat, in the upside down high chair (don't you wonder if they made them that way knowing they could hold a baby seat when placed upside down?) & she sat there calmly, took in her new surroundings for a few minutes, & then and fell asleep.  She didn't even whimper!  This has never happened before.  Once, while having lunch at The Pickle Barrel, my mom & I were able to get her to sleep in her seat with one of us rocking the seat & the other rubbing her face & humming.  Never has she simply drifted off on her own in her seat (or anywhere for that matter!). 

Her new bow even stayed in place!  All around a momentous evening.


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