Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Read This Now

A bit bossy of me, I know.

I'm actually not talking about this blog post, which should be rather brief (& which you are, in fact, reading).  

What you need to be reading between now & November 22 is The Hunger Games & Catching Fire if you've not already done so.

If you have, then I can only assume you are fangirling along with me as we rapidly approach the movie release of Catching Fire.

I should warn you that when you finish Catching Fire, you need to have a copy of Mockingjay handy because, well, I won't tell you . . .

. . . but it sent me on a thirty-minute drive across town to a friend's house at eleven o'clock at night to get my hands on her copy of Mockingjay.  I may or may not have screamed Peeta's name aloud in my car as I made the drive, screeching into her driveway & racing to her front door in my sweats & house shoes.  I suffer for my fictional men.

In March of 2011 I posted this blog about The Hunger Games series.  I had one child then & apparently had enough time on my hands to write lengthy & somewhat philosophical posts about life & what I was currently reading.  At present I don't sleep enough to be philosophical, so I direct you to my former musings if you're interested in more than my simple directive to read these books, coupled with a few inspirational memes.

Read them!

If you refuse to read them, the movies are still worth seeing (though I'd rather not discuss the films with someone who hasn't read the books . . . it's a whole new level of frustration that I can't handle on so little sleep).  The wonderfully talented Jennifer Lawrence portrays the novel's protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, & I assume she will be as fantastic in the second film as she was in the first.

I of course have plans with the ladies of the book club to see the film on opening day, which is next Friday.  We did allow a few male readers to join us when we saw The Hunger Games, & I assume the same concession will be made this time, should you be a male reading right now & secretly wishing you could go see the film with a group of moms in their thirties.  I gave up seeing midnight releases after I sat through the midnight release of Breaking Dawn, Part I.  On a cold November morning, I found myself sitting in a traffic jam in the Tinseltown parking lot at nearly 3am, praying my car's heater would kick in, & realized I was so tired I couldn't remember much about the movie I'd just seen.  I had a nice long talk with myself about reality . . . You're in your thirties, you have a child at home, you are an adult . . . So, because I've embraced my adult status, I won't join the screaming masses at midnight next Thursday.  I will remain composed, happily tuck my children in bed, & get as much sleep as Henry will allow so that I am fresh & ready to, in a mature & orderly fashion, eat mounds of popcorn & chocolate while being whisked away to Panem Friday afternoon.

I am excited about seeing the film, & particularly seeing the character of Finnick come to life.  Finnick is a marvelous character.  You'll see.  And, since this is what my living room typically looks like,

I also need a few hours to sit in the theater with nothing but a big bucket of popcorn on my lap, secure in the knowledge that there is not much of a chance anyone will pee on me.

I'll close with a little reminder to my mom about her babysitting gig next Friday afternoon.

Happy reading, & have a great Wednesday.  


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