Wednesday, November 6, 2013


You know what today is, right?

Any guesses?

Today, Henry is five months old.  But wait, wait, there's more.  On this date in 1984, Ronald Reagan was re-elected in a landslide (seriously, like everyone voted for him).  On this date in 2010, Trey & I, in one final act as a carefree, childless couple, watched from inside a suite at Tiger Stadium as LSU defeated Alabama 24-21; you can read more about that game here.

A pictorial recap of all the November 6 epicness . . .

Hey, hey Republican Party . . . see this, this map below?  

This is what's possible when you nominate a true conservative.  Just something to consider.  Granted, it's not 1984 & it may not be possible to completely bloody the map, but you get the picture.  

Since month four, Henry has begun eating a little solid food.  He's a big, big fan of the solids.  I am less of a fan of the solidity in his diapers. 

He spends a few happy moments rolling around on the floor each morning before deciding it's time for me to right him.

He celebrated his first Halloween the way all Christian babies do, in a onesie from Walmart that depicts a skull & crossbones (FYI: if you ever wondered, crossbones is one word):

He is gradually warming up to the exersaucer.  His feet touch the bottom, but he can't get much traction yet.  I have a feeling that once he can firmly plant his feet in this thing, we'll be peeling him off the ceiling:

He's making a case for the purchase of his very own Anywhere Chair, which I of course will totally buy him since Pottery Barn Kids makes one in a fabric that matches his bedding & curtains.  

Naturally we'll have Henry monogrammed on his . . . not that Jack isn't a great name.

He's warming up to the antics of his sister a bit.

For a little November 6 nostalgia, Tiger Stadium, 11/6/10 - - 

View from the suite:

Inside the suite:

Trey, me, & my eight-month-pregnant face:

It was a good, good, good day. 

And of course, Henry's number puzzle photo shoot.  He's wearing Christmas pajamas because I have all these Christmas pajamas for him, size: 9 months.  By the time December rolls around, Henry's Christmas pajamas aren't likely to fit him, so we're celebrating early.  I actually have this urge to go ahead & put my tree up, but every time I seriously think about heading to the store room, I pass the pile of junk from my parents' house I still have to finish dealing with . . . or someone poops . . . & the urge to go ahead & put up the Christmas tree passes.

The number 5 in the puzzle just happens to be green, so the Christmas jammies totally work:

Big sister wanted in on a few:

But that didn't last long:

Happy November 6! 


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