Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last Friday, Reagan's Papa had a deposition to take in Dallas.  Naturally, Reagan, my mother, & I accompanied him on his trip over Thursday to make a weekend of it before I grow too large to successfully handle the rigors of a weekend of shopping.  In Dallas.

When I told Reagan we'd be visiting Jessica, her immediate reply was, "See Jessica (which she can pronounce in its entirety quite well), get ice cream."

Jessica is a frequent patron of the local Counter Culture when she's visiting the twin cities, & Reagan assumes any time spent with Jessica is to be accompanied by a cold treat.  At long last, after a good nap on the drive over . . .

 . . . Reagan was able to feast on her much anticipated ice cream with Jessica Thursday evening.

My mom & dad & I settled into our hotel Thursday night while Reagan drank her milk & entertained herself with Nana's boots:

For the three nights we were there, Reagan & I shared a bed, which went fairly well.  I hope to convert her crib into a full size bed at some point, & am admittedly hoping this happens in time to pass her crib mattress on to her younger brother so I don't have to buy another crib mattress that we'll only need for a few months

The Doubletree Hotel near the Galleria does not offer its guests any type of continental breakfast . . . so instead of stumbling downstairs in a state of half dress to drink coffee & eat muffins with strangers Friday morning, Reagan & my mom & I enjoyed a hot breakfast in the room while my dad retreated to the hotel's first floor to get some work done before his deposition(& to make himself scarce while we took over the bathroom to ready ourselves for the day's shopping). 

We made it to the Galleria Friday in time to eat lunch at The Corner Bakery, which makes incredible macaroni & cheese that Reagan enjoyed:

My mom, Jessica, Reagan, & I had a stellar day at the Galleria.  Reagan actually tried on clothes in Old Navy, which she'll debut when the weather warms some:

Reagan was dismayed by the Galleria's lack of a merry-go-round, but a balloon in Old Navy & an afternoon cookie from The Corner Bakery placated her.  

Dinner Friday evening was a special joy for Reagan as we approached the establishment & saw this:

She was supervised, of course:

After dinner Friday, we hit our second mall.  We only had about an hour until closing time, & my mom & Reagan & I spent nearly the entire hour in a Clark's store, leaving with Reagan's first pair of what is one of my favorite brands of shoes.  I grew to appreciate the stylish flats they make when I was pregnant with Reagan & on my feet teaching.  Like a true shopper, she wore them out of the store.

Having spent two nights in a strange hotel bed, Saturday's shopping was a bit more subdued than Friday's.  With a tee time of 9AM, my dad & Heath began the day incredibly early; Reagan, Jessica, my mother, & I did not.  We met them at Weir's Furniture before eating a late lunch:

The mall we visited Saturday has a Disney store, which we thought Reagan would love . . . however, outside the Disney Store is a merry-go-round, & Reagan made her preference known.  Loudly. 

Waiting while I fed the token dispensing machine dollar bills . . .    

Nana was the lucky adult supervisor:

After a whirl on the merry-go-round, we ventured into Pottery Barn Kids.  One of my objectives for this trip (I mean, you have to have goals) was to find some bedding for baby boy (whose name is in the process of being solidified), or at least a rug or a lamp or something that would give me some decorative direction.  What I left PBK with is this sheet set:  

Not very boyish, I know.  This full sheet set was on sale, & I just couldn't resist.  The colors work with everything already in Reagan's room, & the tiny trees are the perfect compliment to the tree decal on her wall, a painstaking project I discussed here.  I'm hoping she loves the sheets soooo, soooo much that she'll sleep all night in her big girl bed without wetting it when the time comes.    

You may recall that early Sunday morning, an hour of time was lost, an hour I will covet until later this year when it is returned to me.  As if losing an hour wasn't enough, my parents & I were faced with readying ourselves for church in our hotel room without waking a sleeping Reagan.  Successful in our venture, I sat down to eat some of the breakfast we'd ordered before waking Reagan.  I thought it was cute that they used a Texas shaped waffle iron to make the kids waffle I ordered Reagan . . . I was tired & didn't notice that it was incorrectly geographically plated.  My astute brother-in-law pointed this out at lunch Sunday when I showed everyone the picture.  

When Reagan was three months old, my mom & I took her to Dallas to shop for wedding dresses with Jessica, a trip I wrote about in my early blogging days.  Jessica took this picture of Reagan one  morning in the hotel while I was dressing her:

Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as having said, "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."  I don't know if Emerson had Clark's shoes & Pottery Barn Kids' sheet sets on his mind when he referenced traveling to find the beautiful, but regardless, I appreciate his sentiment.  Having now caught up on my sleep & washed all our clothes, what I recall from our recent whirlwind trip is talking quietly with Reagan at night before she fell asleep in our bed, waking in the early hours Saturday morning because both of my kids were kicking me, & listening to Reagan sing the ABCs in the car, omitting h-p every time.  

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z    

Hopefully by the time our lost hour is returned to us, Reagan's alphabet will have expanded to 26 letters, & perhaps I'll be brave enough to travel to Dallas with Reagan & her six month old brother.  Perhaps.      


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