Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miss Digler's New Bed

Shortly after I learned my first child would be a girl, I began an intensive search for antique white nursery furniture to match some antique white pieces I already owned.

I adore antique white furniture.  My search soon led me to Dallas, where my mom & I finally found the pieces I wanted, in the color I wanted.  Naturally, it wasn't that simple, because the retailer didn't offer shipping outside of Texas.  So, I did an online search for a retailer who sold the furniture I wanted & offered shipping to West Monroe . . . & I found what I was looking for in Lafayette.  I called the establishment & spoke with a young woman named Candace.  Candace did not inspire confidence in me, but I was assured I would receive an email confirming the details of my order shortly after Candace took it over the phone.

The email came, & Candace had recorded my preference for white furniture, not antique white, as if I would have had to make a trip to Dallas & then locate a retailer in Lafayette to have WHITE baby furniture delivered.  At least she'd recorded my email address correctly so that I was able to call & alert her to the mistake before the furniture order was placed.  Silver lining, I suppose.  I had a few additional unpleasant telephone calls with Candace, but finally, on a cold day in November of 2010, Reagan's antique white furniture arrived at our doorstep.

Last Friday night my memories of Candace came flooding back when I entered our store room to locate the toddler rail for Reagan's crib & saw this staring me down from the back wall:

This box was part of the shipment from Lafayette containing Reagan's furniture.  Every box was labeled 'Digler' when it arrived because, well, that's Candace for you.  Planning to install the toddler rail Saturday, Friday night I took some pictures of her in her 'baby' bed after she fell asleep:

The bed before . . . 

. . . the bed, & its happy tenant, after:

I was worried the adjustment would be difficult for her.  Ok, I was worried the adjustment would be difficult for me since she can roam freely now if she's not in the mood to sleep, but so far, so good.  She does get out of the bed at times to retrieve items from her room - shoes, a tea set, etc. - that I guess she wants to sleep with, but she gets back in bed & goes to sleep with no prodding from me.  I'll take it!

It's been a good bed, & I hope she loves it because she'll be sleeping in it until she leaves for college as it also converts into a full size bed (knowing I'd be looking at it for years to come, you understand why I was adamant about the color).  The boxes with the bed rails & slats for the conversion are safely tucked away in the Digler store room. 


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