Friday, June 6, 2014

Henry's Year in Review

Today is Henry's first birthday.

This is the four of us circa a year ago; I think this was taken four days before he was born.  In terms of my weight loss goals, I currently weigh approximately forty-five pounds less than I do in this photo, & as a bonus, I can paint my toenails without making loud, loud noises.   

I am tempted to regale you with the story of Henry's birth, but I won't.  Granted, it is a short story since Henry entered the world hastily, but that story is here, for those who'd like to read it.

I will now bombard you with pictures.

Henry was born at 2:32 in the morning on June 6, 2013.  My plan was to space my kids two & a half years apart.  My original due date with Henry was June 13, 2013.  Do you know what happened on June 13, 2013, aside from Henry turning one week old?  Reagan hit the two & a half mark.  That's what I call family planning.   

And the countdown to one year . . . 

I ran into a bit of a dilemma with month eleven (in addition to the scrapes & bruises on his face for much of month eleven).  There is only one '1' in the number puzzle that has, until now, served me so well this year.  These pictures were taken during his eleventh month, & I know this for a fact because they are stored in my iPhone after the ten month photos were taken.  

This is Reagan at one year:

I know, I know.  My kids are cute.

Beyond birthday news, I've lost four-ish pounds.  Depending on what time of day I weigh, it is sometimes accurate to say I've lost five pounds.  I may have to revise after tomorrow's birthday shindig, however.  I have read The Fault in Our Stars; I'll hold my tongue, for now.  I don't want to sully this post about Henry's first year with what I have to say (please know that I am about to explode).  And in this tribute to Bridget Jones's Diary, I'll also add that the sequel now sits at 9,100 words.  

As long as I am knee deep in my accomplishments, on Wednesday of this week I downloaded a lot of Michael Buble's music to my iTunes, & I am now officially following him on Twitter.  Yes, I am on Twitter.  I was surprised to learn that I've actually been on Twitter since March of 2009, according to Twitter.  My handle (I think that's the correct term, handle) is @ajzeigler.  I have yet to tweet anything . . . but give me another five years, & I may have something to say.  I guess I stay away because if anyone tweets anything newsworthy, well, it's in the news, & also because Twitter's severe word restrictions make me recoil.  I mean I didn't start writing this blog because I thrive on word restrictions.   
I shall return with all you ever wanted to know about Henry's first birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Henry.  I love you.


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