Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago, my sister informed my parents & I of an opportunity to see the musical Spamalot at a Dallas theater.  While it's no Wicked or Aida, we decided to make the journey, so we spent this past weekend enjoying all that Dallas has to offer.

Reagan helped me pack by closing & sitting on my suitcase every time I opened it.

Enjoying lunch Friday before hitting the road:

Car naps are the best!

Awake & ready for a pit stop:

Cold milk & hot coffee, & we were back on the road:

Marveling at the sights & sounds of the Cheesecake Factory Friday night:

Decaf coffee in a clear mug . . .  I know, it looks like beer:

Red velvet cheesecake, consisting of a layer of red velvet cake, a layer of cheesecake, a second layer of red velvet cake, & topped with a thick layer of cream cheese icing.  Cream cheese makes everything better.

Before retiring to our hotel Friday night, we stopped in Tom Thumb for some needed supplies, namely cold milk & Benadryl.  If you weren't aware, Saturday Breaking Dawn (Part I) was released on DVD, & in anticipation of the midnight scramble, Tom Thumb was teasing customers with this empty display case:

Saturday morning as we dressed for the day, Reagan discovered the possibilities of playing in a suitcase, as opposed to sitting on top of it:

Reagan is too young to be welcome in a musical, so while my parents, Jessa, & Heath were laughing at the antics of King Arthur's singing knights, Reagan & I braved the arctic winds (seriously) & undertook an afternoon tour of a few Dallas malls & one very special furniture store:

The weekend was an excellent opportunity for me to conduct additional furniture research, & I was able to see several pieces I have my eye on up close & personal:

Reagan sat patiently in her stroller, sipping her water & looking quizzically at me while I sat in chairs, opened drawers, &, when the sales associates were busy with other customers, sat & even bounced on the bed to test for general sturdiness.  Seeing it in person has not in any way abated my desire for this furniture.  

Our group reconvened Saturday night at Dave & Buster's, where my Aunt Kathy joined us for dinner. Her oldest son Aaron & his wife Lea Ann recently purchased a new bedroom suit . . . I guess it's in the genes, because they saw Paula Deen's stuff at Weir's & decided they had to have it.  The furniture has earned Kathy's seal of approval, which is a tough standard to meet.

While Reagan made her selection, we all chatted as I read everyone updates on Whiney Houston's death courtesy of my Facebook newsfeed & the Drudge Report.  Remembering how I wore out my tape (TAPE!) of The Bodyguard soundtrack, I felt a little nostalgic (& old, I mainly felt old).

We took a few moments to reminisce about the last time we'd all eaten at that Dave & Buster's.  It was October of 2010, & Reagan was about 2 months away from her debut.  Later that day, Heath asked my dad if he could marry Jessica.  Awwwww! 

You can see from this picture below that we ordered Edamame as an appetizer.  We ordered some Saturday night as well . . . it is amazing!  Don't let its greenness fool you.  

Not quite awake on her way to church Sunday morning:

Below are pictures from the children's play area at the church we attended . . . this is where Reagan & my Dad spent most of the service:

Sunday lunch at Urban Taco before heading home . . . 

Reagan's favorite part was the plastic table display advertising drink specials:

A little game of peek-a-boo with the napkin:

Where's Reagan?

There she is!

Urban Taco was delicious; the food was light, flavorful, & cilantro-laden.  I believe my Dad said it "restored his faith in Mexican food."

Since the most lethal thing I regularly ingest is coffee, I don't know what it truly feels like to detox, but today is my detox day (& the weather is perfect for it).  I missed my warm house & my Keurig this weekend, so I'm spending some time with both of them while Reagan makes up for lost time with her dolls & other toys.  I'm also washing clothes, as you'd be amazed at the laundry a one year old can generate over the course of a weekend trip.  

Traveling is fun, but so is coming home.  The older I get, the longer it takes me to recover from sleeping in a hotel, eating a lot of really good food in a short amount of time, & spending long stretches of time in the car.  Reagan is an excellent traveler, & since her diet remained largely the same over the weekend, this morning she picked up right where she left off Friday, happily scattering everything she can reach all over the house.   


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