Monday, November 21, 2011


It's exciting when you finally sell your house after living with a 'For Sale' in your yard for a few months as a constant reminder that, though you're ready to move on (literally), you can't because you're obligated to continue paying the mortgage on your home until someone comes along & loves your house so much that they're eager to take it on financially.  So, when that person comes along & effectively frees you up to find a home you love, it's a thrill.

Buying a home is exciting too.  You see it online & it looks promising; you walk through it the first time & hope grows as you love what you see & you imagine where you'll put your furniture, hang your pictures, put the Christmas tree, etc.  You realize this might be the place that becomes your family's home, where your child wakes up on countless happy Christmas mornings, goes to sleep with dreams of a visit from the tooth fairy, & comes to the breakfast table in her pajamas, her hair tangled & gnarled from a good night's sleep.

You know what's not exciting?  Packing up everything you own & moving it from one house to another.  The idiom "the devil is in the details" is running through my mind today as I find myself doing everything (vacuuming, blogging, playing on facebook, grading papers) to avoid what I must do: pack up our house.  You take a long, hard look at your possessions & how much they really mean to you when faced with the task of moving them from their current dust-collecting spot into a box that you'll eventually have to unpack.  I know, considering the upcoming national holiday, I should be thankful I have so many things I have to find places for in boxes.  I am working on that.

Reagan is perplexed by the whole process.  She likes to open drawers & cabinets & empty them of their contents, a practice I'm trying to break her of by giving her one drawer in the kitchen that is hers to open, fill, & empty as she pleases.  So, she's been watching me begin the process of disassembling our home with curiosity this morning.  

Knowing I'd be spending my week away from teaching at Delta packing, last week I really let loose.  

Thursday evening I joined some good friends (& most of the females in the twin cities) for a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.  You can't go wrong with a large bag of pretzel M&M's & Edward:

Still throwing caution to the wind, Friday I bought Reagan these pink boots:

We made a trip to Target Friday night to find her some great outfits to go with the boots.  Sleepy, she half-heartedly inspected the clothes while we waited to pay:

A good friend from high school offered Trey & I the empty boxes she & her husband recently used to move into their new home, so on Saturday we retrieved the boxes & returned home to create this wall-o-empty-boxes in Trey's office (many thanks to Ashley King West!):

I then explained to Trey that any box he packs must MUST be labelled with its eventual destination in our new home, such as 'kitchen,' 'master bedroom,' etc.  Trey was really attentive during my speech & demonstration:

This morning while procrastinating I discovered one of the upper tier music stations is playing Christmas music, so hopefully this will spur me on as I envision our new home neat, organized, & decorated for Christmas: 

Here's hoping unpacking everything in the new house will be a bit more thrilling than packing everything up & trying to find places to stack the boxes (& keep Reagan away from them).  I must say if LSU takes care of business Friday & defeats Arkansas, my willingness to pack boxes in an organized fashion & live in a cluttered, totally disorganized house with a smile on my face will be greatly bolstered.

Side note to Reagan: When you're older, the BCS may be a thing of the past, but today, November 21, 2011, three teams from the Western Division of the SEC sit atop the BCS rankings, with an undefeated LSU sitting pretty at No.1.  It's a momentous, but fleeting, occasion, much like the process of moving.  I look forward to the conclusion of both situations, & hope to watch undefeated, No.1 LSU win a national title from our couch, whose location in our new home I've yet to determine.


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