Friday, October 21, 2011

On The Move

When I was in high school trudging through my science requirements, I did pick up a few things.   I vaguely recall the term kinetic energy, which has something to do with an object's forward motion, & were I to pick a theme for this past week, I think I'd go with something that had 'kinetic' in the title (I am not picking a theme, so just keep reading) . . . 

Reagan is a force all her own.  Below, smiling at me before proceeding to strew her clothes all over the floor of her room.

Here she goes . . . 

Looking for somewhere to roam:

Turning her head away from the spectacle of daddy's dark socks/running shorts combo:

Hallway romp (note Sophie, who almost always moves in the opposite direction of Reagan now that Reagan likes to 'pet' her):

Last Friday night, a throng of Reagan's relatives assembled at The Warehouse to celebrate mine & Reagan's aunts' birthdays.  After dinner, I was not moving much at all.

During dinner, Reagan contemplated the meaning of one of her books:

And made the predictable decision to eat it:

Saturday, we sat around & watched football all day:

On Sunday morning, I got a call from our realtor, who informed me that we had an offer on our house.  By Sunday afternoon, we'd reached an agreement with the interested buyer & signed a contract on our house.

On Tuesday, I ran in Tuesday Morning to check out their selection of infant Halloween costumes, & stumbled upon these for $3 each:

I thought they'd be a great addition to all of our stuff we'll be packing up in a few weeks, so I bought them.  They look great with tea light candles burning in them!

After returning home with my loot, I browsed local real estate listings online, something I've done daily for, oh, a good while, perhaps with the exception of the day Reagan was born (I did have my MacBook with me in the hospital, so perhaps not).  Tuesday, I changed up my search criteria a bit & happened on a home I loved.  Loved.  Within an hour, my mom & I had loaded Reagan up & were driving to said home, where we picked up a few flyers (& maybe did a little squealing).  We then headed to Trey's parents' home where we all crowded around the computer & looked at online images of my discovery.

Wednesday, Trey & I went & looked at the home . . . made an offer . . . & today, reached an agreement with the current owners.  Translated: we bought a house today.  

In other local real estate news, this morning our home (the one we just sold) was inspected, so Reagan, Sophie, & I piled into my Civic & headed to my parents, where Reagan played:

And read:

And pondered life:

Once we returned home, it was time for Reagan's nap, which, as usual, went a little something like this:

While Reagan 'napped,' I threw a party for one to celebrate the momentous week we've had:

Reagan & I have both been trying to move for a good while, & with patience & persistence, we've both seen phenomenal results.  On a side note, if any of my readers have boxes they'd like to donate to Trey & I, we'd kindly accept them.  


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