Saturday, October 29, 2011


Samuel Johnson once said that, "No mind is much employed upon the present: recollection and anticipation fill up almost all our moments."

Anticipation is my current theme, and more than once I've caught myself singing Carly Simon's "Anticipation," which is unusual because typically the only Carly Simon song in my repertoire is "You're So Vain."

I haven't blogged in a week because I have been busy making eternal promises and signing blood oaths for the kind people who're financing our new house.  Thus, the new house euphoria is mired in paperwork at the moment.  It's a tad frustrating to have finally found a house I love (& one on which my husband & I agree), sign an agreement to make the largest purchase I'll likely ever make, and sit around and talk about it and fill out papers about it for a month or so before finally getting to play with it and make it mine.

In anticipation of our upcoming move, we've made a few purchases.  The ceilings in our (new) house are tall.  I'm not sure how tall, but Trey will need a ladder to change bulbs & I'll need a step ladder to reach the top shelves in the kitchen . . . so being the hip couple we are, we made a trip to our local Home Depot last night (it wasn't crowded given that Game 7 of World Series was being played, & anyone who wasn't interested in that was at a local high school football game):

In addition to the tediousness of purchasing a home, I find myself pointedly focused on future events.  After a week of hype, inspirational videos, & cute pictures floating around the internet, I am over the build-up to the LSU/Bama game.  Let's just not talk about it this next week.

I haven't had much time to indulge my Twilight obsession since Reagan arrived, but I am growing increasingly giddy over the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn, which, as you may've noticed, is imminent.  More on this in a forthcoming post (you didn't think that was all I had to say, did you?).

In the coming months, I will wrap up this semester of teaching, throw Jessica a bridal shower, celebrate Reagan's first birthday, enjoy Christmas in our new house, and serve as Jessica's matron of honor on New Year's Eve.  Somewhere in the middle of all that, Reagan will enjoy her first Thanksgiving, we will move, &, if memory serves me, both Trey & my father celebrate their birthdays in December.  I hope to spend a Saturday evening in December watching LSU win the SEC . . .

At the end of each church service, my preacher usually reminds us of the next meeting time, and then adds, the Lord willing.  I constantly remind myself of this verse in James as I make note after note in my iPhone about what I need to do, and when.  I'm striving to take a page out of Reagan's book.  She doesn't know we've bought a house and that soon she'll have a new place to explore.  She has no notion that her birthday is approaching & plans are being made to shower her with gifts, attention, & her first real dose of sugar.  She is only concerned with the present, & she is, with few exceptions, always happy as a lark.  When Jesus said we need to become like little children, He certainly was referencing their innocence, but there is a lesson to be learned from their total lack of worry over the future.  If Reagan is warm and fed, she's satisfied.  She typically doesn't even whine when she's tired (another area in which she outshines me).

The simple life . . .

She loves unpacking her diaper bag:

She's discovered she can crawl under the kitchen table & chairs:

She's mesmerized by many a TV commercial:

Today, I am thankful for my current home.  It's small but cozy, and, truth be told, I will probably shed a tear when I start to pack it up.  Trey & I were standing in the kitchen when I told him I was expecting.  Reagan spent her first year in this house.  I walked these floors with her at night (& still do at times).  She had her first bath in the sink in the front bathroom, learned to crawl on the wood floors, and can now lap the house in about a minute.

Come January 1, I am not sure what Reagan & I will be doing once I have no moving, teaching, shower/party, or wedding obligations, but it likely will involve a day or two of sleep, coffee, and football, followed by some time with Trey's truck and a Weir's furniture store (or two) in the Dallas area.    


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