Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandmama & Grandaddy Zeigler

Trey's parents both celebrated their birthdays this past week on August 6 & 8.  Reagan was born on my dad's birthday, & I think she will find a way to upstage all of her grandparents on their big day.

Celebrating Grandmama Cheryl's birthday Saturday at Waterfront Grill:

The view:

And the rest is pretty much Reagan action:

Hamburgers Monday night for Grandaddy Don's birthday (Reagan had already eaten, so she worked on her mobility while the rest of us enjoyed burgers):

Hanging out on the couch wither her grandfathers:

Helping Grandaddy Don open his birthday presents:

After the gift opening, we watched some recent videos of Reagan that Trey shot, & then we watched the video of Reagan Trey shot during dinner.  One thing Reagan will not lack as she ages is a healthy sense of self-importance.  


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