Monday, August 8, 2011


A baby's first year is full of, well, firsts.  Reagan has experienced a few new ones lately.

She's finally big enough (& stable enough) to sit in the high chair I used as a baby.  My mom found it at an antique store.  It's a really nice looking high chair, & I'm sure it was back in 1980, but we stay pretty close to Reagan while she's in it since there are no straps or belts or buckles at all, anywhere.

First ride in Daddy's new truck.  
Lesson for Reagan: rear end someone, total vehicle, get nice shiny new truck.  To be fair to Trey, I myself totaled a vehicle (many years ago).  While I was initially anti-truck, I realized I now have a way to haul furniture home from Dallas, so all is well in our happy home.  Are you familiar with Weir's Furniture?  You should be! 

First family trip to the mall!  Until this past Saturday, I don't think Trey & I had been in the Pecanland Mall together since before we were married.  Trey had a bit too much fun with the stroller; I may be able to lure him back!

Reagan enjoyed the stroller racing & the figure 8s around clothing racks:

Finally, while she made it here in time for bowl season last year & witnessed the Tiger's Cotton Bowl victory . . . 

Reagan has another important first looming: 

To be continued . . . 

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