Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Structure

When Trey & I were younger & returned home from college for the summer, we often heard the word "structure" from our fathers.  We had nothing to provide structure to our days & thus many of them didn't begin until noon.  In our defense, if you want to be sharp playing cards at 2 in the morning, you legitimately need to sleep until at least 11am.

Reagan & I are structureless these days; a lack of structure & heat always signal summer to me.  I am not expected back to Delta to teach until August & the only semi-pressing issue is readying the house to sell.  Admittedly it's a pressing issue because I have made it one, but that's part of what makes me so lovable; ask Trey!

*Yes, Trey & I are planning to sell our house.  Trey won't let me pass out flyers at Wal-Mart yet because it's not sign-in-the-yard official (will be in a few weeks) . . . but if you know someone looking for a cute, affordable house in a great West Monroe school zone, drop me a line.*  

Shameless plugging the sale of my home on my blog, but hey, it's my blog.  I am not certain how often Trey reads it, but I bet I'm about to find out.

Reagan is usually patient with me while I clean out closets & clean in general.  Her summer activities include:

Hanging out in her ExerSaucer where she tends to her farm
(by 'tends' I of course mean chews mercilessly on everything):

Sleeping on her obliging grandparents: 

Becoming a pro at solid foods:

Getting to eat real food at the table with everyone else:

Class at church with friend Elizabeth: 

Sitting solo:

Tummy time:

Being adorable: 

Sporting her shades... her daddy:

Hanging out at Newk's while mama enjoys their 
tea pre-sweetened with Splenda (yes!):

Sleeping in her big bed for somewhat lengthy amounts of time:

Reagan seems to enjoy the lack of structure as much as her mama always has.  Photo evidence suggests it may be genetic.



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