Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big D

This was take your daughter to Dallas & leave the dog with dad week in my family.  Sunday afternoon, my mom & Reagan & I headed West to be present for Jessica's fitting for her wedding dress.  The dress fitting was scheduled for 4 Tuesday afternoon, but I've found it's best to get the biggest head start possible when you're traveling with a 6 month old.  Tired from church (& possibly from the weight of her new headgear), Reagan drifted for much of the drive.

Upon arrival, Reagan took some time to decompress before heading to bed:

Monday: D-Day!

Reagan spent her first D-Day in Dallas.  She began the day by taking an interest in a daily paper my mom was reading:

And then turned her attention to excerpts of her namesake giving a speech on the 40th anniversary of D-Day:

A quick dip in the sink:

And we were off to lunch at Jason's Deli:

Reagan took the first of several D-Day dozes after lunch:

She seemed a bit discontented & I discovered it was probably 
because her bow had been displaced; I remedied the situation:

She slept right through the FoxNews XM broadcast of dishonest Democrat 
Anthony Weiner's disgraceful news conference:  

She perked up when we arrived at the first of 
several Dallas malls we visited:  

And this perked her drowsy mama up:

Reagan downed her dinner early:

And was down for the count while we ate dinner at P.F. Chang's:

D-Day ended with a delightful surprise: a rerun of Designing Women 
my mom discovered while flipping channels!  

Tuesday: Dress Day!

Reagan slept while we shopped in Dillard's 
& dined at The Corner Bakery . . . she could join us for the dress fitting:

The highlight of Reagan's day was this chair upholstered in a red & white Damask pattern: 

She was delighted with Jessica's dress choice:

Dinner at The Macaroni Grill, where Reagan made quick work of the paper on the table, discarding it unceremoniously on the floor:

And then signaled her discontentment:

Wednesday: Departure Day!

Reagan deep in thought, likely wondering how long it will take to load the car so we can get down the road:

Deliberating dozing off for the drive:

Dallas never disappoints.  In 3 days Reagan learned many deep truths: ditching dad for a dress fitting in Dallas is a worthy endeavor, Reagan's D-Day speech was awesome, dress shopping & dining out are better when done outside the Monroe area, & Democratic congressmen are not to be trusted.

Finally home . . . Daddy!

I will leave you with this snapshot I took inside Yogurt Land 
where we ended D-Day with a little dessert:

Dedicated to my Dadoo, who was always acutely 
aware & appreciative of alliteration.


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