Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A James by Any Other Name

Jessica came home for Mother's Day & stayed for a week.  Woo-hoo!

Some highlights from last week . . .

Monday night we went to Squire Creek to eat 2 for 1 burgers at the grill.  Reagan was patient while we ate, happy to be out & about in her new yellow bow.

After dinner, we took Reagan outside & let her stretch her legs on the lawn.

Below: some pictures of Reagan in front of the fountain where Trey & I got married.  One day, I'll show her these pictures & tell her this & she will roll her pretty blue eyes.  She has a close relative who is notorious for rolling her eyes.

Wednesday, Reagan had to get her next round of shots.  The wait time provided a nice opportunity to take some pictures (Wednesday was green bow day!):

Early Thursday morning, Trey left on a trip that included Shreveport, Dallas, & New Orleans.  I will spare you more details of his travels & move on to the interesting part: Reagan, Sophie, & I stayed at my parents' house Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights.  

On Thursday afternoon, my parents' Tahoe brigade arrived to load what we needed for the 3 day stay.  I won't list everything, but the packing included a baby swing.  Oh for the days of 'packing light.'  

My parents' dog, Ethan, had minor surgery Thursday morning (minor surgery every other week is pretty much Ethan's norm these days).  I believe he had a mole or some sort of growth near his eye removed, but whatever the case, he spent Thursday evening groggy & irritated that his house was full of people (including a small baby who received more attention than him) & to top it all off, Sophie, my maltipoo who loves to taunt Ethan despite him having about 15 pounds on her.


Ethan (complete with cone to prevent his incessant neurotic scratching!):

Reagan was as perplexed as the pups about the tumult of the house Thursday evening:

Jessica tried to calm her:

After unloading both Tahoes & corralling the dogs, the 5 of us sat down to eat dinner.  The food was delicious & we enjoyed ourselves while the dogs circled the table in hopes of crumbs.

The first order of business Friday was to go see my Papaw.  Thrilled to officially be 5 months old & sporting a pink bow, Reagan gave me some sweet faces:

Sporting her new sunglasses, courtesy of her 
Grandmama & Granddaddy Zeigler:

I am trying to teach her that in addition to shielding her eyes from the sun, 
they're great for keeping hair out of your face:

Below, Papaw showing off his coffee mug.  It's insulated, he explained.  He has another that Thomas, his late brother, used when they drank coffee together.  The mugs have identically dark stains that make them appear to be full of coffee even when empty.  My coffee love is no accident.

Mom, Reagan, & Papaw:

We left Papaw's & went to the mall for a pretzel & some coffee at Auntie Anne's.  I don't think I've ever had a bad cup of coffee there, especially when shared with my mom & sister.  

On our way back to the car, we spotted a dress in Dillards that has a lot of potential as a bridesmaids dress for myself & Carson Huffstutter (Jessica & Heath are marrying on New Year's Eve!).  All in all, a successful mall venture.

We did a quick sweep through TJMaxx after leaving the mall.  We left with Reagan's first Polo dress (it's yellow, & yes, you will see it here first).  If you were paying attention, you know that Reagan already has a yellow bow to coordinate.

Friday ended with dinner at Genusa's with Reagan's 4 grandparents, 2 aunts, our friend Jim DeMoss, Reagan, & myself.  I have no pictures from Friday's dinner because Reagan was so over the busy day & protesting. 

Saturday, the plan was to take Reagan to her Grandmama & Grandaddy Zeigler's & meet my aunt Donna for lunch & a movie.  The first part of the plan, the drop-off, went smoothly.  Around 1:30 that afternoon as Jessica, mom, Donna, & I were chatting & eating our lunch, I checked the movie time again on my phone . . . to discover that the movie I thought started at 1:55 started at 12:55.  I almost started crying.  Prior to Saturday I'd seen 1 movie since Reagan was born (& it wasn't very good - can't even remember the name of it).  I was excited about seeing Water for Elephants; I like both Reese Witherspoon and Edwar Robert Pattinson, & I was also eager to sit peacefully & stuff my face with popcorn & chocolate (together, they're unbeatable).  My attempt to read the book before seeing the movie failed (I still intend to finish it!).  I read the first 5 chapters aloud to Reagan, but she thought I was talking to her & she would start chatting up a storm.  So, it remains on my reading list . . . 

My mom, perhaps sensing my despair, called to explain my mental lapse to the grandparents & asked if they minded keeping Reagan longer so we could go to the 4 o'clock show.  They were, of course, happy to oblige.  Faced with a few hours to kill before our show, we piddled around town a bit & I quite enjoyed myself.  The piddling included 2 of my favorite things: a cup of coffee from The Corner Coffeehouse (their Southern Pecan is fantastic!) & a trip to show Donna a few houses I have my eye on ;)

The movie was good, but I know the book will be better.  It's impressive that Reese Witherspoon can believably pull off a romance with someone 10 years her junior (who is known primarily for his portrayal of a 17 year old vampire).  

MEANWHILE . . . thanks to her grandparents I have some pics of Reagan's Saturday.  Her activities remain pretty standard whether at home or guest starring at her grandparents:



Growing sleepy:


Early Sunday morning, we said goodbye to Jessica & headed to church.  
Many, many compliments on Reagan's outfit were directed my way:

It was a good week.  Jessica, my parents, & I haven't all slept at my parents' house since the night before I got married.  Soon, Jessica will change her name too (which will be an alliterative shame).  Change is inevitable, but it's nice to have a few moments now & then when time idles & you catch a glimpse of yesterday.  


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