Friday, April 1, 2011

Road Trip

Today a little backtracking . . .

Last month my oh-so-brave mother took Reagan & I to Dallas to meet Jessica & do some wedding dress shopping.  Jessica & her fiance, Heath, are getting married on New Year's Eve.  I was very apprehensive about traveling with Reagan, but desperately needed a change of scenery, so we packed the Tahoe & headed out.  When I say packed, I mean packed it to the roof.  Reagan weighs around 10 pounds, but the amount of luggage required for such a small person for a 3 day stay in Dallas was just astounding.  She'd been spitting up constantly in the days prior to our leaving (I was washing every bib she owns every day), so I packed all her bibs, burp cloths, & enough clothes to change her outfit 5 times a day, if needed.

There were a few moments on the drive over that made me think we'd made a huge mistake & Reagan wasn't ready to travel, but things smoothed out after that.  Since we were sans her swing, we were on our own getting her to sleep at night.  My mom handled it the first night & it took quite awhile to get her to sleep (she fights it with every fiber of her being!).  She slept until 4 that morning & went right back to sleep after nursing.  The second & third nights I got her down & she had two more great nights.  The three nights we were in Dallas were some of the most restful I'd had since her birth.  Reagan slept well too, as evidenced by these pics Jessica took of her as I was dressing her one morning:

While Jessica & my mom were eating the (free!) breakfast downstairs, I snapped this one of Reagan sitting in her boppy watching TV (FoxNews, of course):

Jessa found her dress at the first shop we visited on Friday.  It was the third dress she tried on & you could just tell when she walked out of the dressing room that she loved it.  My mom cried & Reagan was quiet & peaceful, so it was a sign.  She "slept on it" Friday night & Saturday morning called to schedule a time to have her measurements taken.  The dress has been ordered & should be in sometime around the first of July.

The weekend was a success on all fronts.  Jessica found a dress, I found Reagan some adorable clothes at Baby Gap, & I learned that it is possible for Reagan to sleep a six hour stretch & was able to get some decent sleep myself.

The only downer was that the Embassy Suites where we stayed didn't have the awesome waffle maker that the Hampton Inns do.  Last fall I made two trips to Dallas (one with my mom to shop for baby furniture & celebrate my cousin Marykate's 1st birthday, one with both parents to meet Jessica & Heath to shop & eat a lot) & stayed at a Hampton Inn both times where I discovered the wonderfully fluffy (free!) waffles that are a part of the breakfast spread every morning at the Hampton.

The addition of the waffle maker was big news, and for good reason (they are AWESOME)!  Click here to check it out.


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