Sunday, May 26, 2013

Belly Shots

Still pregnant. Today is 37.3 (37 weeks / 3 days). Henry is officially a full term baby. This means, among other things, that I pay weekly visits to my doctor until Henry arrives. On my last visit, I learned that my wonderful doctor is going to be on vacation until 38.4 (Monday, June 3 to the rest of you). Reagan arrived on 37.6 when my water broke. So, until next Sunday evening, I will be spending as much time on my rear as is possible with a two year old.

Time on my rear means time blogging, & as such, I've dug around & found all the pictures of my pregnant self. During the eighteen months I've spent pregnant, I wasn't keen on having my picture taken, but I want to catalogue this for my kids. Like the months I spent pregnant, this post is a labor of love as I am reminded of my current weight compared to what I weighed in this first photo, taken when I was about a month pregnant with Reagan . . .

May 2010:

June 2010 (in Destin . . . very nauseous the whole trip):

See kids, before we had you guys we were par-tay animals:

June 2010, eating with friends before seeing Eclipse. And yes, my shirt says Edward Forever. I ate my weight in Twizzlers during the film, saw them all again later that night, & haven't eaten one since.

Fast forward a few months (& several pounds) to October 2010. This was taken in the DFW airport while my parents & I waited to meet Jessica:

Merriment in Dallas . . . 

November 2010 at the LSU/Bama game . . . Trey & I were invited by a very wonderful friend to watch the game in a suite. LSU beat Bama in a close game. My belly was a big hit with the drunks we passed on the way to our vehicle after the game.

Reagan's shower, November 2010:

Waiting for the newly engaged Jessica & Heath to arrive at my parents' house, November 2010:

Random shot in the kitchen of our former house, December 2010:

Trey & I, December 2010 . . . You can't see my belly in this one, but my swollen face testifies to my very pregnant condition:

On the couch at my parents' house, Saturday, December 11, 2010, two days before Reagan's arrival (the purple shirt wouldn't cover my belly, hence, the larger gray one underneath):

Fast forward to October 2012 . . . Happy Birthday to me & Jessica. Oh & p.s., I'm pregnant.

Reagan in her Big Sister shirt:

Attempts at some mother/daughter pictures in the pumpkin patch, October 2012. This was about two weeks after the nausea that would plague me for months set in, so I admit I wasn't trying all that hard to capture that perfect picture:

December 2012, Reagan's 2nd birthday party:

I'm so jealous of the range of motion I was enjoying at the time this pic was taken:

Christmas 2012:

Annnnd fast forward to April 2013 . . . as the nausea decreased, my weight increased, & pictures that included me weren't on my priority list.

Mother's Day, 2013:

May 2013 . . . some shots my mom took that really showcase the girth:

Thanks, Mom.

And, the belly as of about five minutes ago:

And that, sweet children, is a photographic journey of the months I carried you. I am, at present, huge. Seriously, I weigh more than I've ever weighed, dear Henry. I suppose I should say "we" weigh more than I've ever weighed, dear Henry. I would be walking & doing all manner of things to encourage your arrival, but alas, that fun will *fingers crossed* be delayed a week until my doctor is back in town, at which point I will load mine & Henry's bags in the car & begin dancing a perpetual jig. I did get a list of the on-call doctors for next week (because, while I have little to no control over when Henry arrives, in general lists make me feel better). I know that my doctor isn't the only individual capable of delivering a baby, but I reeeealllly like her. So, here's to a completely forgettable Memorial Day, followed by a low-key, uneventful week.


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  1. Aww! I love all the pictures. I know you may not feel like it this close to the end, but you really do look great! Hold on a little longer, Henry!!