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Take a Bow, Mr. Orwell

*Yours truly waddles slowly up to the stage, & steps on her soapbox . . . *

For my eighteenth birthday, Trey mailed me a copy of George Orwell's novel 1984.  I was a freshman at Harding, & Trey & I had spent some time the prior summer discussing the merits of Mr. Orwell's novel (see, we were cool even back then).  I was elated when I checked my mail in the Student Union & discovered the slip of paper letting me know I had a package at the desk.  

Mr. Orwell's work has come to mind several times lately as I've perused the headlines.  You likely are familiar with the organization Planned Parenthood.  As reported in this recent Washington Examiner article, for fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions, a record for the organization.  If that doesn't make you wretch, 45% of their funding came from the government (meaning, of course, your tax dollars): $542 million dollars, doled out as government grants, contracts, & Medicaid reimbursements.  While performing a record number of abortions, the number of cancer screenings & other preventative services performed by the organization has dropped 29% since 2009.  Do not be fooled by activists who clamor about women's healthcare & the need for Planned Parenthood.  This organization is an abortion factory that keeps its doors open thanks to your tax dollars, period.  Planned Parenthood is something the craftiest in Orwell's Ministry of Truth - the arm of Big Brother in Orwell's fictitious Oceania responsible for propaganda - couldn't concoct.  It's as semantically vexing as pro-choice, which implies that whether or not to allow a child to live is on par with the eight or nine combo options you're presented with at Wendy's.  We all want choices, right?    

Putting these numbers in perspective, this Breitbart article explains . . . 
And the American genocide continues, with 333, 964 murders in 2011.  That's the figure proudly released by Planned Parenthood Federation of America in their report delineating how many abortions they performed in fiscal 2011.  Doing some simple math reveals that the number of abortions performed equates to one abortion every 94 seconds.

Both of the above referenced Planned Parenthood articles were linked on the Drudge Report, which is almost always the first website I visit in the morning.  The links to these articles were surrounded by links to articles detailing the latest in the battle for America's guns, because of course, we have to rid our nation of guns so our children will be safe.  Hats off to you, Mr. Orwell.

I saw this on Facebook recently:

It's just completely maddening.  I've spent some time this week fiddling with the new devices I got for Christmas, synching this with that, etc., & in many ways we are so advanced.  I downloaded a book to my iPad that I can also read on my phone.  They'll probably find a cure for cancer soon.  I pray they do.  We pat ourselves on the back & pronounce ourselves civilized & yet, forty years ago this month, a small group of men legalized barbarism - child sacrifice - & we've slapped terms like "choice" & "women's rights" on it in an attempt to make ourselves feel better about what abortion is really about, complete depraved selfishness.    

This is my son:

We're currently sharing my body, a decision that was all mine, not his.  He has a heart, & since it's considerably smaller than mine right now, his heart rate is much faster than mine.  That will gradually change as he, & his heart, grow over the next few months.  Right now he is developing fingerprints that will be uniquely his.  Everything about him - his gender, his eye color, his hair color - was determined months ago, before I knew he existed.  He deserves the protection of the United States government; I have no more right to take his life than you have to take mine.

Our government is all too eager to step in & tell its citizens what they can do, & when & where they can do it, & how much it will cost, but they stand by while babies are slaughtered; they refuse to defend the defenseless, & even fund their demise.  In many places in this country, it is not possible for a woman to obtain a permit that would allow her to carry a concealed weapon, but disposing of her unborn child is her 'right.'  In places where concealed carry permits are obtainable, it is unlawful to carry a concealed weapon into schools, churches, courtrooms, & a few other places, depending on the state.  The government is making it increasingly more difficult for individuals to purchase & carry weapons, which is by far the best way to protect yourself & your family, all while busying themselves securing funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Children are slaughtered every day in this country, and not one shot is fired.  It is easier to abort an unborn child than it is to arm yourself in order to protect yourself & your family.

Matt Drudge, the driving force behind the Drudge Report, recently posted this on his personal Twitter account:

There will be over 3,500 killed in USA today from abortion.  No flags lowered, no presidents crying.  No media hyperventilation.  Normal day. 

Sometimes I shudder inwardly when I hear someone use the common phrase "God Bless America."  I don't often attempt to view America through God's eyes.  What must He think as we snuff out His creation, day by day, squandering a great natural resource, killing untold potential, all in the name of 'choice' & 'women's rights.'  There's another notch in Mr. Orwell's belt . . . women's rights.  Not unborn women, of course; they've no rights.      

I take solace in the fact that these tiny lives are in the hands of their Creator.  It's the only comfort to be found in what is an unconscionable situation.  There are some flickers of hope.  This article reports on Time magazine's January 14, 2013, cover, which declares, "40 Years Ago Abortion-Rights Activists Won an Epic Victory with Roe v. Wade.  They've Been Losing Ever since."  The Time article claims that while abortion is legal, in many places it is difficult to obtain one due to the closing of some clinics, & also cites the passage of pro-life laws in many states, laws that require things like ultrasounds & counseling about other options, such as adoption.  

I don't know where you draw the win/lose line in the abortion battle.  There are only two outcomes: the baby lives, or the baby dies, regardless of how far his mother has to drive to reach an abortion provider, or how many ultrasounds are performed, or how many advocate adoption.  I'm thankful for the small steps some states have taken to attempt to stand between a pregnant woman & her unborn child, however Roe is the law of the land, & at the end of the day, no state government can offer protection to an unborn child whose mother wishes to end his life.  

I do believe there is a significant pro-life undercurrent in this nation, but the recent Planned Parenthood numbers are disheartening; no, they are tragic.  The Orwellian approach to the subject of abortion is part of the problem.  We should be talking about human rights, specifically the right to life, rather than women's rights.  Advocating for the lives of the unborn should not be treated as the equivalent of misogyny; there are currently plenty of organizations dedicated to espousing & pestering Congress with (their version of) women's rights.  If you're a brave individual with a strong stomach, visit some of their websites:

NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League)
NOW (National Organization for Women)  
Planned Parenthood

Finally, we should be teaching children what planned parenthood really means, & that the planning begins long before they are ready to be parents.  Pray specific prayers for our nation, rather than the blanketed, "God Bless America."  Pray for the hearts of the youth of America, because if we are ever to see Planned Parenthood's numbers decline, & see real changes in our abortion laws, it will be because their eyes are opened to the reality of the current infanticide plaguing this nation.  I also pray that organizations such as those I've linked above will fall into disarray, & struggle financially, & one day lose the power they currently have to lobby Congress, & close their doors so that not one more young woman is fed their lies.  Yes, I do.       

I close with a thought for my children.  When & if you read this, the abortion laws in this nation may have changed drastically.  Regardless, I pray that you understand the value of your own life, & of every life, & that you live a life worthy of the One who created you.  I love you, & I loved carrying you, even when it made me physically ill, but I love the One who gave you to me more, & the greatest gift you could ever give me is to do the same.    


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