Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had a good Christmas.  In fact, we had several good Christmases, & the merriment continues this week as Trey & I await one last gift we've been working on for Reagan (& us, too).

We had a magical weekend.  For the past few weeks, we've been receiving mail addressed to the once (& future!) buyer of our house, a nice daily reminder that everything fell apart :/  My mother-in-law & our family friend Dr. Bob Huffstutter both told me where our once & future home buyer works, so Friday, in the spirit of Christmas (& the spirit of trying to clear our house of junk before we move), I took the kind lady her mail that had been piling up on my kitchen cabinet for weeks.  She was grateful, & had some interesting news.  Early last week, someone viewed her current home, loved it, & is now under contract to buy it.  I hope everything works out for all parties this time around, but I'm not as emotionally invested in the sale of our house this time since we're buying our new home regardless.  On Thursday.  Yipppeee!  Of course, I truly want everything to work out so that everyone ends up with the home they want, & Trey & I are left with only one mortgage.  One mortgage = furniture much sooner.

On to the festivities . . .

Friday evening, we went to Trey's parents' house & ate dinner with Reagan's great grandparents, the Rays, her Uncle Rocky & his family, Aunt Deni, & Uncle Lance.  Reagan's main concern was the plastic nativity scene her Grandmama had displayed on the coffee table.

Gift giving, Round I:

Everyone pose!

Fantastic plaid LSU dress from Rocky:

Clothes from Aunt Donna & Uncle Lindsay

(Trey & I received a shipment of delicious Christmas goodies from Aunt Donna about a week ago, but they are not pictured because they are long gone, having slowly disappeared with my morning cups of coffee over the past week):

On Christmas Eve, we ate lunch at my parents' house.

They have a tree up, so Reagan did get to enjoy one that was nearly fully lit this year:


Marykate & Reagan basking in the glow of the (almost) fully lit tree:

It's a Spode Christmas in the James home:

Reagan discovering the joys of her cousins' toys:

Jennifer giving the girls a tutorial on sharing:

Gift giving, Round II:

Marykate received a gift I, even at 31, was slightly envious of - a princess set, complete with 3 pairs of glittery heels, a necklace, earrings, & a tiara:

Reagan received a 'laptop' from her Aunt Donna.  She immediately set to typing, & then proceeded to close & reopen & close the laptop (I wonder where she's seen that):

Reagan's outfit from Jennifer & Marykate that makes me wish Spring was already here:

Contemplating her new responsibilities as a princess:

Christmas Eve, we returned to Trey's parents for the Zeigler Christmas.  I think everyone in attendance actually has the last name Zeigler.  I was tired & didn't take many pics, but this is (some) of the haul from Gift giving, Round III:

Bath time boats from Uncle Lance:

Picture Bible from Uncle Tim & Aunt Patti:

Dr. Seuss book from Aunt Deni (Deni got me the movie Enchanted, which is also a gift Reagan will enjoy!):

Awesome Houndstooth dress & matching coat from Grandmama & Granddaddy:

A little something for me to put in the new house (my in-laws know me well):

Christmas morning, Reagan enjoyed her new laptop from Aunt Donna while I fixed her breakfast:

In church Sunday morning:

Sunday afternoon lunch at Grandmama & Grandaddy Zeigler's:

It's not Christmas until you've chewed on the manger scene:

A reflective moment:

Showing off her moves:

Back in the peacoat for the last Christmas 2011 stop: Gift giving, Round IV at the James':


Family photo attempts (I botched this one):

A little better:

Old school phone she loves:

Tired & not too exited about her stocking:

The perils of not changing out of your Sunday clothes before opening gifts with a toddler wearing shoes that velcro:

Reagan finally got a little involved in the action:

And the rest of us laid waste to the goodies under the tree:

Books for Reagan:

A Little Mermaid tea set:

Note that in the upper right corner of the box, it says "30 pieces, service for 4."  Reagan & I will carefully be screening potential candidates to join us for a Little Mermaid tea party for 4.  

Earlier this year, my parents traveled to California & visited the Reagan Library.  They bought this for Reagan:

Every little girl needs a pin with her name on it in Swarovski Crystals (& if you name her after a president, you don't have to have one specially made!).  Trey & I also received a few goodies from the Reagan Library.

A commemorative Spode plate from the year of Reagan's birth:

Her new favorite toy, the stairs at my parents' house:


Not pictured is all the wonderful food we ate.  I am now detoxing for the next few days so that I can fit nicely into my dress on Saturday.  Reagan has one more present that's still in the works, but should, Lord willing, be secured by the end of the week:

I'm inclined to make a Biblical reference to Joshua/Caleb/Canaan at this time, but that would be inappropriate, right?  Right.  Perhaps I'll save that for later, once I'm blogging from inside the promised land.


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