Friday, December 2, 2011

Box Fever

I'm not sure where to begin this blog.  I'm finding it difficult to adequately select & manipulate words to convey the depth of my frustration.

This will be a little heavy on real estate details.  If you've ever played Dominoes, use that as a visual.  Often when people purchase a house, they've also recently sold a house.  Each sale is "contingent" on another sale.  I received a phone call on Monday & was told there were some "issues" with the sale of the home currently owned by the individual who is under contract to purchase our home.  If one of the dominoes doesn't fall properly, it skews the whole effect.

Wednesday, I was told our buyer was intent on closing on our house (which of course means we close as scheduled on our home, which is obviously the transaction in which I am most interested).  The sticky issue is, as always, the approval of some financial institution granting our buyer interim funds until the sale of her home is completed.  I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about real estate.

So, while we are under contract to close "on or before" December 6th, which, if you take a gander at a calendar you'll see is next Tuesday, as I type this everything remains up in the air (except of course the boxes that are all over my floor!).  

This leaves me sitting in a house full of boxes, trying to keep smiling despite my anal retentive nature flaring its head, demanding that the boxes be moved or unpacked.  This is not how I typically decorate for Christmas (that's our Christmas tree skirt laying on the top of that pile):

My wonderful friends on Facebook keep posting festive pictures of their Christmas trees, while mine sits in a box in the living room.  I love real trees, but decided until Reagan is older, an artificial one would be best.  So, about a month ago I bought one at Hobby Lobby while their Christmas decor was on sale (50% off!).  I'd love to see what it looks like, as I'm sure once it's assembled I'll hate it a little less than I do right now, sitting in the middle of the living room in a long box that continues to provide great entertainment for Reagan.  I may just give in & post this picture on Facebook as our 2011 Christmas tree:

We'll be home for Christmas this year, & are eagerly waiting to learn where exactly home will be come Christmas Day.  Regardless, Reagan has no idea what's going on & is happy as always:

She's not loosing any sleep over it:

So, I keep giving myself pep talks as I wait for a phone call to tell me what's happening next.  I have a healthy baby girl who won't even remember our box Christmas, a handsome husband who listens to me whine, a perky dog, & a brand new Christmas tree in a box that I know will be just beautiful once I'm able to assemble it somewhere.

p.s.  -  If you've recently received an invite to an event scheduled to take place at our new address, we have a contingency plan should one be required.  I guess I've learned a lesson about being optimistic. Stay tuned! 


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  1. Aww! Will be thinking about y'all. I know that must be frustrating. If you need help packing let me know! Reagan will love Christmas tree or no tree. Though you could get a small table size tree to decorate that can be easily thrown in a box come time to move! Good luck girl :)