Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today, the undefeated, #1 ranked LSU Tigers play Kentucky.  In the fall of 2007, the Tigers found themselves in the same situation.  Trey & I watched the beginning of the game at Chili's with a few friends before we all attended Trey's 10 year high school reunion (& missed most of the game).

LSU's quarterback at the time was a young man named Matt Flynn.  As we sat in Chili's watching the game, he threw an interception, which prompted me to say, somewhat loudly (in Chili's), sh*t.  It is an incident others ('others' meaning Trey) occasionally bring up in conversation, which I suppose I will take as a compliment considering it is only memorable because I rarely curse.  I am confessing now, before Trey or anyone else has a chance to remind me today.

Later that fall, Trey & I attended the Arkansas game in Tiger Stadium.  The Tigers, who had climbed their way back up the polls to No.1 despite the overtime loss to Kentucky, were poised to play for the SEC title & potentially a national title (& really, the SEC title IS the national title).  For the second time that season, they lost in overtime.  It was the closest I've ever come to being physically ill over a sporting event.

In an odd coincidence, in September of last year I traveled to Dallas with my mom to look for baby furniture & attend my cousin Marykate's first birthday party.  Marykate's daddy is a football coach, & he works with another coach named Casey Dick.  Casey was also in attendance at the birthday party.  Since I was pregnant, & presumably mature, I just kindly smiled & kept my mouth shut & enjoyed the birthday party.

Shortly after the overtime loss to Arkansas, the most magical Saturday in college football made it all better as the Tigers woke up ranked No.7 in the polls, defeated Tennessee 21-14 in the SEC title game, & watched everything fall into place to give them a nudge to the the No. 2 spot in the polls.  In January of 2008, LSU defeated Ohio State 38-24 in the BCS national title game.  Arkansas, fresh off a drumming from Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, tightly clutched their Golden Boot as they watched the title game.

I hope I have no reason to curse today.  If I do, I will bite my tongue since instead of a bar full of rowdy grown-ups, I'll be watching the game with Reagan.  Things have changed for Trey & I since 2007, but some things never change, & when LSU is on the field, it's a pretty safe bet they'll give you a reason to curse.


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