Thursday, April 28, 2011

Foods Formerly Known as Solid

At our 4 month doctor visit I was told to begin feeding Reagan some rice cereal & stage 1 baby food once or twice a day because Reagan was ready to begin eating 'solid' foods.  There is, however, nothing solid about these foods.  Reagan is usually pretty enthusiastic about her new foods; we've tried bananas & pears so far.  She will only eat the rice cereal if I mix a heaping portion of something flavorful in it (& I can't blame her - the stuff is totally unappetizing).  We usually eat the fruit laden rice cereal at nighttime in an effort to prolong Reagan's slumber, but thus far there has been no dramatic change in her nighttime waking habits.  Currently the major change brought on by the introduction of 'solid' foods can be seen in her diapers.  

Below, some photos of feeding time:

(Below: she's thinking "Hey mom there's nowhere near enough fruit mixed with this nasty rice!")


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