Monday, January 13, 2014

Label Me Slow

Do office supplies excite you?  Is a new label maker all it takes to significantly improve your week?  Did you strongly identify with Monica on Friends?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you understand my elation over the recent realization that I can create labels on my blog.  It may've taken me nearly three years, but I've not only figured out how it works, I've been busy making up for lost labeling time.  If you're an observant reader, you might've already noticed the cluster of random links to the right.  So far I've created twenty-four labels, but that number is sure to rise.  I may try & broaden my blogging horizons just so I can create new labels with which to tag the posts.  Right now I am contemplating a 'Label' label that I can file this post under.

I print the blog at the end of every year, & one day last week I was reading through my posts from Christmas 2012 & trying to figure out which post closed out that year's book so I'd know where to begin printing the 2013 book.  Feeling a bit sentimental, I wanted to reread what I'd blogged about Christmas 2011 & look back at the pictures of Reagan, & I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to organize this blog based on topic?"  And then I remembered seeing just such an organizational system on other blogs I read.  I visited those blogs, did a bit of googling, & soon had created label after label with which to tag all my previous posts.  

The new labels on the blog are about it for excitement lately.  In the interest of tagging this post with the 'Home improvement' label, I will give my husband a richly deserved shout out on the blog.  Trey spent a great deal of Saturday hanging curtain rods - four curtain rods - , which is no easy task in a house with twelve foot ceilings, an anal retentive woman who's short on sleep, two helpless kids, & a small dog.  Oh, & a Saints game on TV.

We began Saturday by dropping Trey's truck off at Goodyear for an oil change.  If you're interested in the story of Trey's last oil change, check under the label Dumb ideas 'Home improvement/Hobbies.'  Once the truck was safely deposited at Goodyear, we headed to the drive-thru window at Zaxby's to get lunch.  If you were out & about in West Monroe on Saturday, you may've noticed this trailer, pictured below, right off of Highway 80 near Well Road.

Yes, that is Trey pictured with the trailer.  Opting not to eat his usual fried chicken, he had me leave Zaxby's & make two left turns to return to this trailer so he could get some BBQ nachos for lunch.  He said something about this being the way all the guys on Pitmasters do it.  I just kept my mouth shut, made the two left turns, & let him enjoy his nachos.  This is what marriage is about: keeping your thoughts to yourself when your husband decides it's a great idea to buy BBQ from a roadside trailer because you want him to hang your curtain rods.

Two of the rods were hung in the dining/kitchen area:      

Pay no attention to the toys you see in this photo . . . imagine me in a cozy chair, a book in my hand & a smile on my face:

The other two rods were hung in our bedroom for these sheers I decided I wanted to hang about five minutes after we moved in the house two years ago:

And, because a few of you actually asked about it, here's the new rug I mentioned last week:

 In addition to hanging the curtain rods, Trey also hung my new chalkboard from Pottery Barn.  They may charge an arm & a leg to ship things, but Pottery Barn goes above & beyond sometimes & reminds me of why I became a fan in the first place.  This chalkboard is magnetic & comes with six cute off-white magnets that match the off-white wooden frame AND an off-white magnetic eraser with a groove for the chalk.  Between the new chalkboard & my blog labels, I feel so, so organized.  Sophie may benefit most of all, since the chances of her suffering from heartworms in the future have been reduced.  You might notice the second item on the list reads: Feb 1: Sophie heartworm.

Yesterday, nearly a week after he hit the seven month mark, I took Henry's seven month pics (which of course means this post will be neatly filed away under the 'Henry' label).

So, we took Henry's seventh month pics on Sunday in his sweater vests.  Perhaps an Alliteration label is needed?

Sunday AM:

Sunday PM . . . I got a few decent pics with the '7' before he discovered it:

Seven is a sumptuous month:

 In closing, thank you for the kind words about the book, which I began posting Friday.  This links to chapter one.  Chapter two will be up this Friday, & of course, once they're posted, links to each chapter can be found by clicking on the Dear Miss Moreau label.  I may have to write another book, because of course that would mean . . . another label.  Also, I lied to you.  I told you there were twenty-nine chapters, & that's not true.  I went through the whole word document this weekend, & there are thirty chapters.  So that's one more week you'll have to wait to read the ending.  

I must go now.  Tomorrow I begin another semester of teaching, which requires a little mental preparation on my part.  Mental preparation, strooong coffee, & clothing that can't double as pajamas.  As of my last check, all three of my sections are sitting at -2 available seats on the online schedule of classes, which means the registrar is overloading them.  Perhaps soon, an ANGER label.  


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