Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Reagan & I were invited for a playdate at the home of Shane & April Ware.  So, last Friday we ventured out for a little social time.  In attendance were several other children, all of them older than Reagan, & their moms.  Reagan was a bit weary of the noise & activity a throng of children generate, & I found the experience to be an effective form of birth control.

She spent some time exploring Cooper's Toy Story themed table:

She hung out with Elizabeth (who was wearing an awesome velour track suit!), the attendee nearest her age:

She played a little piano in the dining room:

And stayed close to her Mama when she saw this:

She initially wouldn't venture past the hallway:

Until she discovered Cooper's chair, which is quite similar to her chair.  She made herself at home:

Cooper was a bit concerned:

He sought my help:

And then again tried to reason with Reagan:

A compromise was reached:

Ava wanted to hold Reagan before we left . . . 

The visit to the Ware's home was a good opportunity to talk to Reagan about accepting those who are different from us, even when they make questionable choices:

Shane & April are wonderful people, & gracious to open their home to so many rowdy children.  Shane, a devoted husband who accompanies April to the Twilight films, has some pull at the local theater & rented out an entire theater for a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, Part I, when it opened back in November (which shot him straight to the top of my favorite people list) . . . so, despite their odd affinity for the Hogs, I still love them both.


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