Friday, May 13, 2011

Lloyd & Ann

As advertised, the great grandparents continued  . . .

Trey's maternal grandparents are a fantastic pair.  Trey is their 1st grandchild & Reagan is their 3rd great granddaughter (Reagan is eagerly anticipating meeting her 3rd cousins Joy & Natalie this summer!).  Over the past 10 years or so I've spent as much time with the Rays as I have my own grandparents for birthdays, holidays, & of course, softball games.

Below, some of my favorites from our wedding:

( I hope when my grandkids get married I look this good!):

Long before it was the norm to have a monstrous television in your living room, they had one in theirs, presumably in order to see the 'L' the 'S' & the 'U' in as many pixels as possible.  Years ago, when Trey & I were quite adept at finding excuses to see one another, I remember going down to their house to watch A Few Good Men on their big screen TV.  By years ago, I mean we popped the VHS tape into the VCR (later, when Reagan is reading this, she will pause to wonder what 'VHS' & 'VCR' mean).

This past November, Mrs. Ray, my parents, Trey's parents, Trey, me, & Reagan (who, by November, was really beginning to fight me for space) sat at their house on a Friday night waiting for Mr. Ray to come home from the West Monroe playoff game so we could sing him Happy Birthday & eat cake & ice cream.  I hope when I am his age, I am out on Friday night while my children & grandchildren sit home waiting on me, & I hope that Reagan is blessed with the ardor with which both Mr. & Mrs. Ray live their lives.


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